On Thursday, November 27, Bappi Lahiri turned 67. If one were to ask me to pick a song from his kitty that would best embody India’s ‘Golden Man’, I’d single out the title track of B Subhash’s Disco Dancer . The film opened on December 10, 1982 and remains unforgettable for its psychedelic lights and flashing shimmering cat suits, disco beats and pelvic thrusts which instantly takes one back to the swinging ’80s.

The film was born during a visit to Bappi da’s Juhu apartment for a music sitting. “I was toying with a couple of ideas, wondering which one to direct, when Bappi ji’s wife (Chitrani) came into the sitting room with a puja thali. The window was open and as I looked out, like a bolt from the blue, a thought flashed through my mind: Why don’t I make a film called Disco Dancer?” recounts B Subhash ji, who, at the time, was shooting for Taqdeer Ka Badshah.

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