In the event of lock down, citizens will not be subjected to any kind of inconvenience related to food. Food and Cooperation Minister Govind Singh Rajput issued instructions to the food officials of the state through video conferencing to keep the food distribution system running smoothly in the state. Rajput was reviewing the grain distribution system.

Minister Rajput said that in view of Corona infection during wheat procurement, the guidelines of Government of India should be followed. He said that during ration distribution at the shops, the help of village Kotwars must be taken, circles should be marked to make consumers stand, if possible masks should be made mandatory at the control shops and arrangements for distribution of masks at the shop should also be made in order to ensure social distancing.

Minister Rajput said that under the National Food Security Act, lump-sum distribution of food grains for March-April-May was made to 116 lakh eligible families in which Antyodaya families were given 35 kg and 5 kg per member per month at the rate of one Rs per kg was distributed to priority families.

He said that free rice is being distributed in April, May and June at the rate of 5 kg per member per month (three months) under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana.

Rajput said that the allotment of free wheat and rice has been released from the State Disaster Response Fund as relief to the homeless migrant labourers stuck in relief centres and other places following lack of transport in the lockdown period due to Corona virus.

Due to the lockdown in the state, the livelihood of poor families has been affected adversely. Under the National Food Security Act, about 32 lakh beneficiaries who do not have eligibility slips have also been allotted food grain. Free food grain is being distributed to these beneficiaries at the rate of 4 kg wheat and 1 kg rice per person. Principal Secretary Food Shivshekhar Shukla, Commissioner Food Avnish Lavania, Jitendra Dubey,B.K. Chandel and Umakant Pandey were online in the video conference.

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