New Delhi

ITC’s Aashirvaad is a leading packaged staples brand, comprising India’s No.1 packaged atta brand which is trusted by over 2.5 crore Indian households and a range of ghee, salt, spices and instant mixes. Acclaimed for carefully hand-picking and processing ingredients with the same love and care with which a mother prepares food, has released a new TVC campaign Maa Tujhe Maan Gaye paying tribute to motherhood.

Set against the context of the ongoing pandemic, the film captures different aspects of the new normal including the creation of new codes at home, spending quality time with loved ones, the coming together of everyone to share the load, redefined roles at home, and making meal-times a more cherished and refreshing experience. With positive habits and values taking shape at home during this lockdown, it’s important to not forget them post the crisis.

The film has an emotional and empowering narration, where members of the family have stepped in to lend a helping hand at home, and realizing as well as appreciating the nurturing role a mother brings to their daily lives. The film also captures the growing realization that the members of the family have of how difficult it is to be a mother and how effortlessly she goes about her role while the rest of us struggle to do what she does.

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