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In India, buses are not such preferred means of transportation as the issues of safety, comfort and lack of services perplex the commutation. In such a scenario, YOLO helps people sail through commuting chaos in a bus. By providing unique services, luxury coaches, pleasing designs, smart fleet, and tech-friendly operations, YOLO has disrupted the industry and redefined the way new-age India travels. 

This Gurugram based intercity transportation startup offers personalized bus captains, welcome kits to all passengers, high-speed Wi-Fi, hygienic washrooms, Food & Beverages, USB charging points, movies, and infotainment. Apart from this, it also offers a special kit for babies/ pregnant women, an emergency SOS button inside the bus, and special safety measures for women. Incepted in August 2019 by Shailesh Gupta, Mukul Shah, and Danish Chopra, YOLO is a customer experience tech-revolution. The company’s leadership alignment establishes Shailesh as the Founder and CEO of YOLO, Mukul as the Founder and COO and Danish as the Co-Founder and CTO of YOLO.

YOLO works on the S-3 business model. It works across three prominent parameters for any startup- Solve, Sustain and Scale. Adapting its outline, YOLO strives to solve for a problem by providing the right solution to the customers, scale its technology and make it sustainable by becoming profitable. In order to crack a code for a successful startup, a venture should have these three complementary skillsets, and YOLO has got all. 

The whole idea of YOLO was born out of a range of travel experiences after Shailesh and Mukul witnessed travellers struggling with washrooms and other facilities in the bus. They found that there was a major disconnect between what existing bus operators delivered and what travellers needed. It made the duo focus on public transportation and think of ways to make the bus commute comfortable, safer and convenient for the overwhelming majority of people in the country. The result was YOLO- a premium mobility platform with the best amenities, at par with the market price.

YOLO aims to standardise intercity bus transport in India. It runs on an Uber-like template, where it does not own buses, but it majorly takes care of the operational side of the business including the scheduling of buses, ticketing, customer service, and network planning. Such an arrangement freed YOLO from the hefty startup costs of establishing an expensive network and enabled the group to scale up quickly. It makes users’ bus commute safe, reliable, and affordable for everyone. The drool-worthy designs with high- tech setups at YOLO, make them the best means of travel. The buses are designed to have washrooms, bus captains, trained drivers and helpers staff who take care of all the customer’s requirements inside the bus. It also emphasises community events, by providing a unique traveller community platform, where every festival is celebrated on wheels, be it Christmas, New Year, Diwali or Makar Sankranti.

As a unique combination of tech-startup and transportation company, YOLO had covered more than 800,000 km and has helped over 50,000 people reach their destinations. The company is currently operating in North-India and also has its presence in the Southern part of India and is planning to expand further. Through smart network planning and dynamic price management, YOLO emphasis on delivering its’s promises to customers and meet the highest standards of safety, thus prepping up to be the next unicorn and paving the way to the future of mobility.

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