The shocking revelation of Srishti’s (Aparna Dixit) past has taken a toll on Sudha’s (Angad’s Mother) health. Angad (Alan Kapoor) is told by Gautam (Angad’s Brother) not to bother their mother as she is not in a good state.  Satyendra (Srishti’s father) and Myra (Jasmine Avasia) doubt that the split is because of Sarthak. Aparna on the other hand is crying profusely and Kalyani didi (Sheetal Maulik) pretends to take care of her.

The news about Angad and Srishti’s marriage is all over the media stating that Srishti and Satyendra are doing this for money. What more Srishti has to face and what will happen to Srishti and Angad’s life after all this chaos? To know more keep watching Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi daily at 7 pm only on Dangal. The show is sure to keep viewers excited and gripped with a new turn of events. 

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