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Television serials are incomplete without actors and actresses, but it is a villain who renders the heroism to a protagonist. They are mean, they are cruel, they are scary and they plan a plot. In the Hindi television circuit, often this role is essayed by actresses who take up the role of a vamp. These women have a strong onscreen persona and many-a-times audience feel their negativity through the television sets. One such strong grey shade character is Kalyani didi of Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi on Dangal TV essayed by Sheetal Maulik.

Sharing her views on playing a vamp, Sheetal Maulik said, “The perception of the character (Kalyani didi) offscreen is not positive, but if you need the story to move ahead you need a vamp. Without a vamp the story will be incomplete. Everybody wants some masala or a tinge of salt in daily soaps so I think I am just providing that. Personally, I feel so bad, but if you talk about character, it is so much fun to do, because there are a lot of challenges to show something with a negative lens. To add to it, the character of Kalyani didi is sweet on face but plans evil things behind the back. In that perspective I get to play a dual role for the same character which makes me very happy, because as an actor it gives you the potential to grow and then it tests you on how far you can go with a certain character. I think that is the best thing.”

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