New Delhi

Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani today clearly instructed to the Urban Development Department to ensure the compliance of all the fire safety norms and regulations in hospitals, commercial complexes and buildings in all cities and towns of the state.

In this reference, Chief Minister has instructed to the authorities of Municipal Corporations and Nagarpalikas to immediately make spot checking of every such places to ensure that the sufficient fire safety arrangements have been made on this matter. Chief Minister further guided to the Urban Development Authorities that in the cases where the fire safety equipments are lacking or not available then to make sure that such arrangements should be available immediately.

Chief Minister has given clear instructions to ensure that the fire incident happened in a hospital in Ahmedabad, should not happen again due to carelessness in future at any other place in the state. Chief Minister also termed the occurrence of fire incident at a hospital in Ahmedabad as a sorrowful. He paid tributes to the departed souls and gave condolences to the family members of the victims.

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