When Angad (Alan Kapoor) and Srishti (Aparna Dixit) were just about to get married in the temple, Srishti stops Angad saying it isn’t the right step as she doesn’t want to do anything which might further upset Sudha (Angad’s mother). We also see Sarthak (Rahul Sharma) and Angad resigning from their respective jobs to show their love for Srishti.  Angad and Srishti are missing each other. She tries to convince Angad to take back his resignation over a video call but he ensures her that he will fix everything.

On the other hand, Gautam- Angad’s brother (Raj Singh) is playing his evil tricks and tries to create misunderstandings between Sudha, Srishti and Angad. He informs Srishti that Angad has left the house. To know more keep watching Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi daily at 7 pm only on Dangal. The show is sure to keep viewers excited and gripped with a new turn of events. 

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