New Delhi

After a major accident, Sarthak (Rahul Sharma) has lost major part of his memory and is successful in recollecting only that aspect where he thinks he is still married to Srishti (Aparna Dixit). The family members are tensed and Kalyani didi (Sheetal Maulik) and Satyendra (Srishti’s Father) try their best to help Sarthak regain his memory but in vain. On the other hand, Angad tries to console Satyendra and makes him believe that everything will be fine.

Srishti, who has no other choice but to pretend to be Sarthak’s wife, has her Mangalsutra (given by Angad) in her hand while she is talking to Angad. Sarthak sees the mangalsutra and gets excited and approaches her to make her wear it. Will Srishti allow this to happen and how will Angad react?

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