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Choosing acting as a career is in itself a very courageous step. You really have to work hard to make a considerable place for yourself in the industry. Like many other aspirational actors, Rahul Sharma who is currently seen in Dangal Tv’s Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi, decided to leave everything else and pursue his passion as a career.

When asked about his struggle in this industry before getting a break, Rahul says, “I had been struggling for two years and gave around 500-600 auditions after which I finally met the director of my first show. He assured me that he would cast me in the serial. I was made to attend a workshop before getting on board. 10 minutes into the workshop, the person who was conducting the session informed the director stating that I am not capable of doing the role and therefore they should not consider me. And then I was asked to leave. Post that, I had two options in front of me. Either I could quit and go back home or continue looking out for more projects. But I decided to work hard on myself. I started giving 7-8 auditions a day as compared to 2-3 auditions. I made sure to enhance my acting skills. I wanted directors and producers to realize that I am capable of acting. I started re-working on myself with this motive. After a month, I got a call from the same director again asking me to do the same role for which I was rejected.”

Rahul finally made it to something he spent his sweat and tears on. He believes everything can be achieved through sheer hard work and dedication. He was highly motivated after the legendary Dev Anand personally told him that, “Oh young man, you will do good. Don’t worry, your life will be good.” He says he felt fortunate to have received Dev Anand’s blessings before he started his journey.

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