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We have always heard that a well-balanced diet, with a combination of all essential nutrients plays a pivotal role in the overall development of our body, but how many of us take it seriously and follow it?  To create further awareness about the importance of having nutritious meals which not only takes care of physical attributes but also mental strength, India annually observes National Nutrition week from 1st to 7th September. It is said, you are what you eat, inspired by this saying ace actor Vaishnavi MacDonald revealed that she is a certified nutritionist and shares her journey in the world of healthy eating.

Actors are known for being conscious about their appearance and often consult a dietitian. Understanding that physical and mental wellbeing is one of the key criteria for their success, Vaishnavi MacDonald who is currently essaying the role of Surajmukhi in Dangal’s Aye Mere Humsafar deep dived to be a nutritionist herself. Talking about her experience as a nutritionist, she says, “A lot of people don’t know that I am a certified nutritionist. I was always interested in nutrition and health because I feel it is important and the current scenario is a testimony of it. When I got an opportunity, I did an extensive course and now I can even practice and open a clinic. Even though I haven’t opened one yet, I try to practice it with my close friends and family. It is always good to learn a new skill as it helps to keep your mind young. I feel it is necessary to follow a healthy diet not only for the physical benefits but mental positivity too.”

Sharing her expertise about how to follow a balanced diet she says, “I generally follow and suggest to have maximum carbs in the afternoon which consists of brown rice, chapati, along with a bowl of curd, raita, salad, sprouts, etc. As your munchies you can have roasted chana with tadka of ghee, puff rice, khakra, makhana all this proves to be healthy as well as tasty. Eat nuts, green leafy vegetables and vegetables of all colors because each color of vegetable corresponds to a certain part of your body. Dairy products that include curd, buttermilk are very good for your stomach as it helps to keep good bacteria in your stomach intact. Even including little ghee, coconut oil or olive oil can be good for health. Sometimes if one tends to overeat a little it won’t harm your body unlike when one overeats oily and junk food. If we stick to all these things, we have nothing to worry about.” 

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