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Couples on Indian television very commonly tend to make a place in the hearts of their audience. However, it is not very often that a mother-son duo receives so much love that it had to be brought back on screen owing to popular demand.

The Jodi of Namish Taneja and Neelu Vaghela were treasured so much as mother and son-in-law in an earlier show, that they had to be brought back on screen in a new show, Aye Mere Humsafar on Dangal, but this time in a closer bond of a mother and son. Talking about working with Namish once again, Neelu Vaghela says,”I have already worked with most of the cast in the past. So, it just feels like coming back to my own family. Namish and I have come back together as a mother-son pair and the chemistry feels so real. I treat him just like I would treat my son. In fact, in a scene after I had to raise my hand on him, I felt very upset as though I was hitting my son in real. I had to take a minute to calm down and make myself understand that it was just a shot. Namish lovingly addresses me as Maa even off-screen.”

Namish Taneja shares that one of the reasons for accepting the role of Ved was that Neelu Vaghela will be playing his mother. He says, Our chemistry in the last show has been receiving a lot of love even today. We never thought that we will get a chance to work together again. When I was selected for Aye Mere Humsafar, I was told that Neelu ma’am was also a part of the show. The next thing I did was to call and ask her. The moment she confirmed it put a greater smile on my face. It felt like a cherry on the cake and firmed my decision to take up the show. I consider her presence as a blessing and she treats me like her own son and understands me so well.”

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