New Delhi

Ved (Namish Taneja) is in for a rude shock when he realizes that his mother Pratibha Devi (Neelu Vaghela) has chosen Vidhi (Tina Philip) for him. Pratibha Devi praises Vidhi while others in the house have mixed feelings, while some are happy and relieved some are in shock and despair.

All along the way Ved was dreaming to get married to Payal (Urfi Javed). Ved takes out Payal’s photo from his wallet and Divya (Pooja Singh) sees it. Vidhi and family reach home while Surajmukhi (Vaishnavi Macdonald) realises that she accidentally brought Pratibha’s house keys with her. Vidhi reaches Pratibha Devi’s house to hear the Kothari family discussing about the difference in choices of the bride. Vidhi is in shock to hear for herself that she is not Ved’s personal choice but a compromised one.

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