New Delhi

With an objective to provide greater public amenities to the urban citizens of 155 nagarpalikas of the state, Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani today under ‘The Chief Minister Urban Road Scheme’ has allocated Rs. 160-Crore for the repairing and resurfacing of the roads that are damaged during the current monsoon season.

Of the allocated amount of Rs. 126-Cr, Rs. 22.61-Cr is allocated to 25 nagarpalikas of Ahmedabad zone, Rs. 29.95-Cr to 26 nagarpalikas of Vadodara region, Rs. 13.91-Cr to 19 nagarpalikas of Surat region, Rs. 24.60-Cr to 27 nagarpalikas of Bhavnagar, Rs. 46.90-Cr to 29 nagarpalikas of Rajkot region, and Rs. 12.93-Cr to 29 nagarpalikas of Gandhinagar region.

It is required to mention here that to increase the road safety facilities during the monsoon season, the state government is allocating minimum fund of Rs. 75-lakh to ‘A’ category nagarpalikas, Rs. 60-lakh to ‘B’ category nagarpalikas, Rs. 45-lakh to ‘C’ category nagarpalikas, Rs. 30-lakh to ‘D’ category nagarpalikas for making thermoplastic road paint, curb paint, street-light board and other safety works on the roads.

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