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With an aim to make Gujarat as one of the favourite destinations on a ‘World Tourism Map’, Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani today announced state’s tourism promotional policy, ‘The Heritage Tourism Policy 2020-25’. Chief Minister is determined to put Gujarat on ‘World Tourism Map’ with the mantra of ‘Khushbu Gujarat Ki’.

To add one more attraction to the Gujarat Tourism, which has abundance tourist attractions such as desert, vast coastal area, hills, ancient and historical buildings, religious places, Dinosaur Park, ‘Statue of Unity’ and others, Chief Minister has undertaken ‘Heritage Tourism Policy’ (HTP) as one more initiative in that direction. Under the ‘Heritage Tourism Policy – 2020-25’, Chief Minister has adopted an approach to open-up the places such as ancient heritage buildings, royal palaces, minarets, forts and others, which have been either forgotten or needed to be revived, with better and modern amenities for the world tourists. Under the new HTP, Rupani has decided to offer many encouragement promotional offers for taking care and refurbishment of royal palaces, castles, ancient heritage buildings and spots. For the promotions of tourism sector and hotel industry in rural and smaller towns, Chief Minister has included specific promotional benefits in the HTP to start hotels and restaurants at historical places.       

Chief Minister had given the final touches to ‘The Heritage Tourism Policy – 2020-25’ at a high-level meeting held in Gandhinagar in the presence of Gujarat Tourism Minister Jawaharlal Chavda and other senior secretaries. Under the new HTP, the “Heritage Banquet Hall” or “Heritage Restaurant” can be setup inside the historical buildings, palaces, forts which had been built before January 1st, 1950. However, these modern amenities should be setup without any alteration to the original, basic structure of the place. Through the new HTP, Chief Minister is aiming to attract foreign exchange as well as generating the employments for the locals. The new HTP offers state government’s assistance for setting up new heritage hotel, heritage museum, heritage banquet hall, and heritage restaurant; the new tourism policy also offers government assistance for repair and renovation of such existing facilities. 

For setting a hotel with an investment up to Rs. 25-Cr, the state government will give 20 % subsidy, maximum amount of up to Rs. 5-C. For the investment of above Rs. 25-Cr, the maximum subsidy amount will be Rs. 10-Cr.  Similarly, for renovation or setting up new heritage museum, heritage banquet hall and heritage restaurant with investment up to Rs. 3-crore than assistance would be 15 %, means assistance of Rs. 45-L. In the case, if the investment is more than 3-Cr than the assistance would be 1-cr at the rate of 15 %. The loans sanctioned and disbursed during the Heritage Tourism Policy period will be subject to 7% interest subsidy for a period of five years up to a limit of Rs 30 lakh per annum.

Chief Minister has also made provision in the policy to provide some incentives under this policy for heritage hotels, banquet halls, museums, restaurants and others. The policy also include 100 per cent electric city duty waiver for five years, rent support for national-international events under marketing support, etc. will also be given. Gujarat is endowed with rich ancient towns and archaeological sites at Lothal Dholavira, Rani-ki-Vav and India’s first world heritage city Ahmedabad. Chief Minister has announced the important Heritage Tourism Policy with a view to promote, popularize and spread the ‘Khushbu Gujarat Ki’ (perfume of Gujarat) found in places far and wide in the state across the globe among the tourists particularly with interest in ancient history and culture. He has also endeavored to make the Gujarat Home Stay Policy 2014-19 more tourist-friendly.

Gujarat Government ensures tourists coming from other parts of India and abroad find their stay in Gujarat affordable and comfortable, clean and hygienic even while having a peek into the state’s rural life, culture and traditions. Government has ensured the owners of home stay will be charged property tax and electricity as applicable to residential units. The owners of registered home stay who also reside in the same premises comprising one to six rooms units can take advantage of roof top solar energy benefits. There are at present 100 and odd home stay functioning. The Gujarat Tourism will provide training to them as well as new additions to provide quality hospitality to the guests. Chief Minister is confident the further simplification of Home Stay will provide rural employment besides promoting tourism and hotel industry.

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