New Delhi

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the face of Indian workforce. About 40 million workers in India lost their jobs due to the lockdown, impacting the livelihoods of a large part of the Indian population. As the lockdown eases and worksites open up, many migrant labourers and daily wage workers are struggling to find the right jobs with adequate sources of income.

To help these workers, Vikas Bansal, a Delhi based entrepreneur and Co-founder of Prakriti E-Mobility along with Shailesh Dangwal, Director from Prishitech, has launched an app as a CSR activity “Shramik Bandhu” – an employment platform for the skilled and unskilled workforce in India. It offers categories across manufacturing, construction, hospitals, Garments and leather, power and steel, construction, and automobile. Worker skills include Carpenters, Masons, Electricians, Plumbers, Domestic help, gardeners, drivers and more. It will be available pan India and will benefit a lot of labor segment people in finding jobs during the pandemic and later. Vikas Bansal has already employed, close to 1000 people directly and indirectly in his existing ventures.

“It gives me immense happiness to be able to provide a platform to the people who work day and night for us. This pandemic has changed each and everyone’s lives in different ways and this is the time to come together as one for the betterment of society and for its people. The aim is to connect labourers with companies across sectors such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and hotels. It will help a worker get employment according to skillset and location, and help companies fulfill the manpower shortage. I would like to thank our technology partner Shailesh Dangwal, Director from Prishitech who is helping us make this possible” said Vikas Bansal, Delhi based entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Prakriti E- Mobility Pvt. Ltd.

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