Will the Kothari family know it is Vidhi next to Ved instead of Payal?


New Delhi

Now that Payal and Ved are engaged, the Sharma and Kothari families begin the pre-wedding ceremonies. While Ved is excited to marry the love of his life, Payal is reluctant as she is still trying her luck to get a break as an actor. The day of the Mehandi ceremony arrives and Payal gets an opportunity that could possibly be her big break for something that she has always wanted to do leading to her sneaking out for an audition for this part. While both families are waiting for the ceremony to begin and Ved finally realising that Payal is no-where to be seen, he convinces Vidhi to take her seat as he worries that his mother will end his engagement with Payal.  However unconvinced Vidhi is, she eventually gives in to save her family from embarrassment.

Vidhi fears that her disability may give out her identity but she takes her sisters place for the ceremony without showing her face. Imarti is already suspicious about Payal’s presence now and her suspicions only grows.  She is aware about Payal not being present and wonders how is this even possible. Considering Vidhi’s  walk which has a visible limp, and a few stumbled steps, Imarti’s doubts are confirmed. She wants to show to everyone that this is really Vidhi and not Payal.  At this time, she decides to gift her soon to be sister-in-law a maang tika that demands Vidhi to show her face. In tension, Vidhi faints.