These projects are mainly in the sectors of education, health and skill development

New Delhi

The Ministry of Minority Affairs under Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram (PMJVK) has sanctioned 75 projects for Minority Concentration Areas (MCAs) of Andhra Pradesh and 14 projects for MCAs of Maharashtra in the last two years.  These projects are mainly in the sectors of education, health, skill development.

The type of projects sanctioned for Andhra Pradesh are Residential Schools (9), School Buildings (5), Student Hostels (20), Degree College (1), ITIs (5), Polytechnics (3), Additional Class Rooms (5), Common Service Centres (9), Working Women Hostels (2), Hunar Hubs (4) and Sanitation Projects (12). The type of projects sanctioned for Maharashtra are Common Service Centres (3), ITI (1), Hospital (1), Sadhbav Mandaps (2), Additional Class Room (1), Hunar Hub (1) and Sanitation Projects (5).  Details of the projects sanctioned are available on the website of the Ministry.

The Ministry since 2014-15 has sanctioned projects of Rs.38169.14 lakh for MCAs of Andhra Pradesh and Rs.9666.21 lakh for MCAs of Maharashtra under the PMJVK Scheme.  During 2018-19 and 2019-20, projects of Rs. 21868.72 lakh were sanctioned for Andhra Pradesh, Rs. 11370.16 lakh was released which also includes releases for projects sanctioned earlier, and the State submitted utilization certificates for Rs. 1573.98 lakhs.  In the same period, approval for projects of Rs. 907.29 lakh was accorded for the State of Maharashtra, Rs. 1073.39 lakh was released which also includes funds released for the projects sanctioned in the previous years and the State submitted utilisation certificates for Rs. 654 lakh.

PMJVK being an area development programme, projects are sanctioned in the identified MCAs of the States/UTs which are available for use to the entire population of the area.   Further, the projects are proposed by the States/UTs as per infrastructure requirement in the MCAs.