Will Vidhi’s wedding with Manav take place?

New Delhi

With Surajmukhi determined and adamant to get her older daughter Vidhi married before her younger daughter Payal, she has finally found a suitable groom in Manav. Manav seems to be a simple boy and possibly the right choice for Vidhi. But Vidhi is still not very happy with this decision of her mother forcing her to get married. She however agrees to get register her marriage with Manav to keep her mother happy.

The day of Vidhis marriage with Manav finally arrives. Veds family is present as is the bride along with her sister and her mother. After waiting for a considerable amount of time, Manav has still not reached the registrar’s office leaving Vidhi in tears. Will Manav even show up? How will Vidhi overcome this embarrassment and will she get over it soon enough to be excited for Payals wedding with Ved?