Ved hears that Payal is happy about her acting career; Payal gets kidnapped again

New Delhi

After running away from Payal finally gets to speak with Vidhi over phone. Pratibha Devi is worried about Payal disclosing to Vidhi that she was kidnapped by Pratibha Devi itself. But the goons soon catch Payal and put a knife to her head.

To save herself, Payal changes the topic and says that she is very happy. Ved pulls the phone from Vidhi and hears about Payal being happy on becoming an actor and leaves. Later, Vidhi is putting a garland at the door and slips and Ved holds here and they have a brief moment. Divya informs Lakhan that Pratibha Devi has put property on Vidhi’s name. Vidhi then overhears Pratibha Devi’s conversation with the lawyer about this.