New Delhi

In an attempt to break Vidhi and Ved’s budding relationship, Pratibha chalks out a plan to create misunderstandings between them. According to the wedding rituals, Vidhi prepares halwa bhog for her first rasoi and along with the entire Kothari family visits the temple to offer the same. Just when Vidhi offers the halwa bhog to her mother in-law, Pratibha Devi, a hand suddenly comes and hits the spoon.

It’s none other than Pratibha Devi’s son Ved, who alarms her mother to not eat the halwa as it contains poison. Everybody is shocked upon hearing this. Assuming that Vidhi must have done this on purpose, Ved looks upset. But, Gobar, the house help, solves their misunderstanding. Vidhi and Ved prepare another halwa. When Vidhi asks for her shagun, Lakhan who has understood that Pratibha Devi has transferred the property papers on Vidhi’s name, steals the papers and reveals the news about the same in front of everyone.

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