New Delhi

Actor Namish Taneja, who is currently seen as Ved Kothari in Aye Mere Humsafar on Dangal TV, has grown a fondness for his furry friends over the years. Even though this pandemic has changed a lot of things in recent times but what remained constant is his love for stray dogs.

The actor elaborates, “Whenever I leave home for shoots or to meet friends, I carry food for dogs like pedigree, milk, loaves of bread, etc. in my car along with disposable plates. Anywhere I see them I feed them with food. This has been happening so often that now these dogs recognise my car and jump in delight when they see me. Even during the nationwide lockdown, me & my family, we tried to feed as many dogs as possible in my locality. That was included in our daily routine. It’s not physically possible for me to reach out to every stray, therefore I have collaborated with an agency that provides food & shelter to the stray animals.” Well, all those strays must be blessing Namish for such a noble deed amidst this pandemic.

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