Leapaero aims to weed out the need for green corridors for organ transfer

New Delhi

With an aim to make sustainable air transportation accessible, given the high cost that companies incur by deploying helicopters for emergency medical services, Leap Aero’s aix taxis will prove to be game-changers in the healthcare sector. Aix taxis offered by the company would cost six times lower than the cost incurred by deploying helicopters for the job.

Once in action, Leap Aero’s aircraft would be able to transport services in about 45 minutes to 1 hour. The services will include organ transport in minimum time. This will weed out the need for green corridors that are cumbersome to create. Leap Aero’s aircraft would allow the scope to customise the air taxi based on the individual’s or the institution’s needs. This is something no other air taxi provides for. NextLeap designed Urban Air Taxi – XE-6T is powered to meet urban air transportation missions such as transporting people, cargo and also turning into an air ambulance. The electric aircraft that take off and land like helicopters, can also be customized to carry out medical relief operations. The USP of Leap Aero aircraft is that it is designed for emergency medical services which is not provided by those aircraft companies in world market.

The air taxis would not run on fuel but use battery-powered energy for operations. This would ensure the company would leave negligible carbon footprint and provide for sustainable development. Based on the availability of batteries in the market, Leap Aero estimates its air taxis would have a flying range of about 130 kilometres. Since India doesn’t manufacture lithium-ion batteries, the company would be buying them from foreign countries. The product has been designed to meet American Federal Aviation standards.

India unfortunately lacks aerial mobility infrastructure and regulatory framework. The passage of drone regulations raised hopes for further movement in the area, but so far things have been rather slow. Leap Aero is thus looking at the options of exploring other markets in the US, Singapore and Japan, where air taxis are operational. Leap Aero products enjoy an edge over services in the aforementioned companies because of cost competitiveness. Leap Aero’s team includes Alvin Anthony, Gajendra Kashyap, A V Baskar, Prabhakaran Kirubhakaran, all of whom have significant experience in the aviation sector. Leap Aero is presently being incubated at Electropreneur Park, which is one of the first ESDM Incubation centers, owned and managed by STPI and funded by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (Meity), Government of India.