Aye Mere Humsafar: Vidhi skips Bharti’s birthday party

New Delhi

The day starts with Ved coming out of the shower and finding Vidhi sleeping peacefully. Pratibha Devi is seen cooking food for the orphanage. With an intention to help her mother in-law, Vidhi takes the spatula from Pratibha Devi, but Pratibha Devi snatches it back in an extremely rude manner in front of Imarti and Divya.

It is Ved’s sister Bharti’s birthday and to mend relations, Ved requests her to come home for his sake. Upon hearing this, Vidhi feels guilty. Ved surprises Bharti with a birthday party where she is surprised to see everyone. While Ved is busy celebrating his sister’s birthday, Vidhi picks up her purse and leave the house. Surajmukhi is surprised to see her home and asks her the reason of coming. On the other hand, Payal who has been kidnapped by the goons, tries to escape but gets caught again.