New Delhi

Sundar and Pratibha Devi witness an interaction between Ved and Vidhi and try to analyse the situation while on the other hand Imarti is seen telling Aggrawal aunty that a similar case had happened to her brother in law too, which makes Ved look uncomfortable.

Vidhi hands over an envelope of flight tickets to Ved which makes him unhappy. Ved and Vidhi pack their suitcases. An awkward Pratibha Devi is seen feeding sweet curd to Ved and Vidhi wishing them a safe journey. Problems between Ved and Vidhi increase as Ved reads Manav’s chat in Vidhi’s phone. A blind-folded Payal, who has been kidnapped by the goons, lifts the blindfold and questions the goons to know the reason of her kidnapping. Tensed for both her daughter’s fate, Surajmukhi is seen chanting a prayer as the diya flickers indicating that something bad is about to happen.

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