Manish Malhotra Paid Tribute To Artisans With His Stunning “Ruhaaniyat” Collection At The Opening Show of Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Digital First Season Fluid Edition

New Delhi

The Manish Malhotra x Mijwan collaboration celebrated a glorious decade when the couturier extraordinaire paid tribute to the craftsmen and artisans with his stunning bridal collection “Ruhaaniyat” fundraising opening show for the Mijwan Foundation at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Digital First Season Fluid Edition.  Manish Malhotra and Lakmé Fashion Week have partnered to support artisans through a fund-raising opening show presentation. The collection, a tribute to all the artisans and craftsmen of India, celebrates 10 years of the designer’s association with Mijwan Foundation. The craft inspirations, which were from vibrant Punjab, glorious Awadh and Kutch, embellished the amazing archival fabrics that were further highlighted with borders that glittered in zari woven with gold and silver. The classic textiles were hand-basted, and hand quilted with a muted colour spread of teal, pistachio green, dusky pink, grey, maroon, black and white.

The grandeur of the inspirations was apparent in the layered ensembles that swirled around the male and female models. With so grand a theme, the fabric base was as opulent when Manish selected the luxurious pure cotton and silk, along with lavish Mashru, velvets and muslins to create the impressive silhouettes. Recreating the glory of the past, the construction moved from the traditional kurtas, khada dupattas, ghararas, and izar salwars for women and then to the grand Jama angarkhas and heavy shawls for men. A variety of kurtas in a pastel line gave the festive touch to the men’s wear, while long and short kurtas at times lean in shape; offered a choice for women.

The very impressive old-world charm was visible in the collection as the zardosi vintage accents for the embroidery had a marked influence. The grandeur of the lehenga, choli, and dupatta trios was visible in the embroidered trains that floated behind the ensembles. Adding more opulence to the “Ruhaaniyat” collection, the Manish Malhotra Jewellery line, which reflected the art and designs of Punjab and Awadh; was the perfect glittering accessory. The handcrafted jewellery was visualised in pure gold with flat cut diamonds, Russian and Zambian emeralds and pearls.

Manish adorned the heads of the models with passas, maangtikkas, and maathapattis. Encircling the necks were stylish chokers, haars, two and three-tiered necklaces, as well as studs and Sahara earrings. Ornaments for the hand were as dazzling with haathphools kadas, rings and stackable bangles twinkling on the wrists. Manish Malhotra’s visually, exquisite, grand, bridal presentation of his collection “Ruhaaniyat” was a scintillating celebration of culture, craft, colours, artisanal skills and design that will complete the bridal trousseaux for discerning couples.