Gaurang Shah’s Magical “Taramati” Collection Was An Enthralling Experience At Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Digital First Season Fluid Edition

New Delhi

A fashion presentation by National Award-Winning Textile and Fashion Designer, Gaurang Shah has always been a memorable event. At Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Digital First Season Fluid Edition, Gaurang’s “Taramati” collection of 30 grand, heritage, and handwoven saris from the Golconda era was an enthralling experience.

Inspired by ‘Taramati” an artisanal ode to the legendary courtesan who dazzled the Seventh Sultan of Golconda, Abdulla Qutub Shah, Gaurang showcased a treasure trove of saris, which brought the legend’s romantic narrative to life with the extraordinary weavers’ skills. There was a masterful merging of complex designs created by master weavers and enhanced by surface embroidery in a rainbow of hues that moved melodiously from beige, wine, green, yellow, and then struck the high notes with rich purple and pink.

When it came to the traditional weaves of India from all corners of the country, Gaurang allowed his creativity boundless freedom. His design sensibilities brought in a newfound accent for the intricate ikat, superb Kanchi, graceful Patan and then moved to reinvent the glory of Kota, gentle Uppada, glorious Banarasi, stylish Kani, dramatic Venkatagiri and the timeless Paithani in the traditional complex jamdaani weave.

The weaves were an imaginative blend of silk, gold and silver threads that gave the “Taramati” saris a timeless appeal. The intricate crafts that further highlighted the stunning weaves, included the popular Aari, delicate Chikankari, pretty petit-point, popular Kasuti, amazing Shibori, elegant Kantha, colourful Kutch embroidery, classical Parsi Gara work that were juxtaposed cleverly onto the textiles.

To the graceful movement of dancers dressed in luxurious white anarkalis, the collection with its myriad artistic touches was a visual delight. Clusters of flowers on a white sari with a broad red border, an amazing cross-stitch embellished creation with a woven shot silk edge and another white woven beauty with Parsi Gara work were breathtaking. Soon the collection moved to pastel tonal saris with discreet embellishments, while a striking vermillion wonder was given a rose-red Parsi gara work edging it and a gorgeous ikat had a magnificent multi-hued weave. The cluster of saris in shades of green presented weaves from different states but it was the grand line up in all shades of red, maroon and wine that will delight the bride when she is trousseau shopping.