Festivities Get A Zing, With Kfc’s New Tandoori Zinger Burger


Now enjoy your favourite Zinger burger with a new ‘tandoori’ twist

New Delhi

It’s that time of the year when there is festivity all around. And adding some more cheer, or should we say ‘flavour’ to it is KFC India with the all new and special – Tandoori Zinger Burger. That’s right! Your favorite crispy Zinger Burger now comes with a tandoori twist. So, here’s just the additional zing and twist to add to the ongoing festivities. Just when you wondered how the Original Celebrity Burger – Zinger – could get any zingier. Made with an extra crispy fillet of KFC’s signature chicken, layered with fresh lettuce & creamy mayo – the Tandoori Zinger is packed with a unique tandoori flavored sauce, making it the perfect companion for celebrations with friends & family.

What’s better than relishing the new Tandoori Zinger you ask? Well, it is when all the fun, festivities and food come with the additional assurance of KFC’s 4X Safety Promise of Sanitization, Social Distancing, Screening and ContactLess service. Our team members follow stringent Sanitization measures, with all surfaces being sanitized every 30 minutes as well as food delivery bags after every order. All team members and delivery executives are Screened for their body temperature before they enter the restaurant. Social Distancing is adhered to at the restaurants as well as in the kitchens, with floor stickers guiding customers to maintain the necessary distance from each other. Moving into a completely ContactLess delivery and take-away approach, we ensure no contact between the delivery executive and customer, with online payments as a recommended practice.