By Poornima Nair, Executive(HR) Drishti Foundation Trust

New Delhi

It noted that the Sabarmati river “no longer has any fresh water when it enters the city of Ahmedabad” and that the “Sabarmati riverfront has merely become a pool of polluted stagnant water while the river, downstream of the riverfront, has been reduced to a channel carrying effluents from industries from Naroda, Odhav, Vatva, Narol and sewerage from Ahmedabad city.” So, the problem was clear that the river is polluted because of the industries and the sewerage which comes from the different areas of Ahmedabad. Afterwards the government has taken steps to stop the drainage of the polluted water from the industries by asking them to clean the polluted water before it reaches the river. But the problem of the polluted water is remaining the same.

About Foundation:- An Ex Journalist, Dinesh Kr Gautam is one of the most renowned Social Activists who is living in Ahmedabad. He has left his job and career to restore the river Sabarmati and its Ecosystem through his NGO Drishti Foundation Trust. In the year 2017, Dinesh decided to do something about the domestic and industrial waste that was killing the Sabarmati River, the river which is considered sacred by many in the city and is also known for its beautifully constructed River Front by PM Narender Modi. Dinesh Kr Gautam is working in 7 states- Delhi NCR, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Sikkim, Telangana and Kerala. The foundation is working for the upliftment of the women and children from the background society and it is also doing works for the environment by planting trees.

Steps Taken By Drishti Foundation :- The step taken by the foundation was to clean the river by removing the garbage which is inside the river. Then they adopted an upstream area of River Sabarmati through their NGO Drishti Foundation Trust. Dinesh Kr Gautam had gathered the army of volunteers that was always a key strength of his NGO Drishti Foundation Trust and started working. They have collected 600 tons of garbage from the portion they were adopted in the river.

Impact Of The Step Taken:- With a clean riverbed, natural ecosystem was restored and the river started to fill up with migrated birds once again. The marine lives are also improved as the water has cleaned. As the government has also taken steps that the garbage and wastes will not be dumbed in the river directly.  The marine lives had started healing as their lives was also affecting because of the chemicals that were coming from the industries. And on the other side the different types of birds like Nilgiri were arrived near the river. As nowadays birds are not getting the shelter and the rivers are also getting polluted day by day. So, the step taken by the foundation was helpful for the birds and the marine lives. This small step towards care of Mother Nature was really a good lesson to others.

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