New Delhi

Festivals are a time of joy, celebration and the pleasure of spending time with near and dear ones. The Great Eastern Home presents the special Pewter Collection to delight all hearts and make gifting momentous. The magnificent and striking patterns that combine pewter with glass, ceramic and wood are painstakingly designed and lovingly handcrafted. The range of artefacts will intrigue and pique your interest and the search for that perfect gift for that special someone will be met with success! The Pewter Collection is a range full of regal looking gifts to make house warming parties or festive gatherings even better.

There is a wide range of pewter products including wine glasses, candle-stands, salad bowls, decanters and silverware which enhances the festive feeling. Each of these objects is not only visually stunning but also functional. The products are 100 percent lead-free, non-toxic and easy to maintain. With an intuitive sense of style and art, along with attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship, the Pewter Collection has a range of masterpieces which will never go out of fashion.

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