New Delhi

VitrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division in Turkey, has introduced their all new showerhead – Cascata. Minimalistic in terms of design, the cascata showerhead doesn’t compromise at all in regards to performance.

Showers are relaxing, rejuvenating and de-stressing. Shower time should be relaxing and your choice of shower head plays a huge role in making your shower experience more soothing. VitrA’s Cascata showerhead offers a luxurious experience for any showering environment.

The power of nature can be very special and enriching for both the body and mind. VitrA’s Cascata showerhead brings this uplifting power of nature into your bathroom and your showering ritual. The Cascata showerhead perfectly replicates a natural waterfall experience, reaching every part of the body and is as calming and relaxing as a natural waterfall.

The Cascata showerhead adds beauty and serenity to the bath to create the look, feel and sound of a naturally cascading waterfall. It complements your bathroom aesthetics and makes your everyday shower experience more enriching. You can bring a touch of spa-like class to your very own home with this minimalistic but extravagant shower design.

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