Encouraging people to quit-smoking

New Delhi

In an effort to increase awareness about the various health risks associated with the usage of tobacco, Aster CMI Hospital has launched a Smoking Cessation Clinic to aid people who are addicted to smoking and chewing of tobacco or other tobacco containing products in quitting the harmful habit. The Smoking Cessation Clinic will be held on all Friday, 4:00 – 5:00 pm at Aster CMI Hospital in Hebbal.

People who wish to quit tobacco consumption or smoking will undergo a detailed evaluation during this session. The clinic will analyse the severity of their addiction and will assess their current lung-function. A smoking cessation clinic can be an easy and effective way to treat tobacco use and dependence. The clinic will provide consultation from doctors and will also offer both counselling and pharmacological options to those who are attempting to stop tobacco use. It will provide intensive treatments to smokers who are motivated to quit smoking and aims to ensure a high success rate among the people who are addicted to tobacco use.