K J Somaiya College of Engineering and Godavari Biorefineries Ltd. take a step towards Sustainable Environment

New Delhi

Stubble burning is one of the major sources of pollution in the country, especially in the northern region. Year on year the intensifying pollution is becoming a serious health threat to humans along with flora and fauna. While the government is aggressively looking for solutions to curb the pollution caused by the burning of stubble, K J Somaiya College of Engineering and Godavari Biorefineries Ltd. have come together with a solution to help abate the harmful effects of burning paddy straw. Prof. Shivangi Viral Thakker, Faculty Mechanical Department from the institute has proposed to use paddy straw for making useful products like pulp and tableware. The three-year-long project has been approved and funded by the Department of Science and Technology. 

With the primary objective of managing the stubble waste, the project also aims to replace plastic with agricultural products to address another national issue of Plastic Ban. The project focuses on process optimization for pulping the paddy straw to produce eco-friendly tableware. The process includes the segregation of silica and pulp by pulping the rice straw. The pulp developed will then be used for making 100% biodegradable tableware.