New Delhi

After lots of drama, Payal decides to expose Komal Kali’s truth to everyone. Pratibha Devi yells at Payal asking what proof she has. Payal explains the situation and tells everyone to follow her as she had locked Komal Kali in a room. When they open the room Payal is shocked to see Komal Kali in Vidhi’s attire. Everyone disagrees with Payal. Pratibha devi takes Komal Kali out of the room and warns her, if she makes this mistake again she will be thrown out of the house. Later in the market, a client sees Komal Kali drinking in the bar and offers her one. Komal Kali accepts the drink. Payal constantly follows Komal Kali and records all this. How will Payal manage to expose Komal Kali’s truth in front of everyone?

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