Congress likely to be torn apart soon-Anurag Thakur


New Delhi

Union Minister of State for Finance, Anurag Thakur, described Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as a political novice and said that if the Gandhi family continued to work without understanding the problems, the Congress would be torn apart in the coming times. In a conference organized by the Delhi state BJP to discuss the budget for women entrepreneurs, 2021-22, Anurag Thakur said that the budget is going to be beneficial and self-reliant for every section of the country and society, further saying that “if Modi is there, then it is possible”.

Anurag Thakur said that, the Congress leaders take on the Modi government every day on the farmers’ issue, but no Congress MP was able to give a reason why they say that there is a flaw in the agricultural laws and under which rules they will the mandis be closed. He said that, only confusion is being spread on the farmers’ issue and that too by those leaders who do not know the difference between jawar and wheat. There are two camps in the Congress, one with lies and the other with truth. In such a situation, no one should be surprised if the Congress gets torn apart in two in the times to come. The job of the Gandhi family is only to create problems and to cheat and loot every section of the country, their slogan is “there is no one we have not duped”. They call themselves “Zamini Netas” when in reality they only want to grab the lands of others. In view of this, the public has uprooted them from land itself.

Anurag Thakur said that, this is a great budget brought in the time of disaster and its objective is to make India’s economic system to become one of the best in the world in the coming years. Emphasizing the issues related to women in the budget, he said that providing clean drinking water from tap to every house, providing housing, making youth skilled in their favourite areas, increasing self-employment, women and child development, nutrition, Anganwadi, schools, this budget includes providing cash benefits to elderly women. He mentioned in detail the health insurance scheme up to five lakh rupees, extension of Ujjwala scheme, training for women entrepreneurs and bank loan facility.

In the conference, the National President of Mahila Morcha, Vanathi Srinivasan said that, the Modi government has done the work of empowering women in every field. So many schemes are now being run for the women and they are also getting the money directly in their hands, due to which they have actually become ‘Lakshmi’. Now the men of the house see her as Lakshmi and respect her. All this is the result of the forward thinking of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She said that, women have also benefited more from Mudra loans, whereas 70% loan has been given to women artisans. This will not only make the woman stand on her feet, but it will also improve the family and society.

State President Adesh Gupta said that, Modi government considers men and women as two wings. Only one wing cannot fly, so the budget has made such provisions to improve the condition of women and make them financially independent so that they are part of the mainstream. Describing the budget as promoting the country’s Navnirman and Swadeshi, he said that the Prime Minister wants the young women of our country to become job givers and not job seekers.