Only a healthy India can become a strong and capable India – Anil Jain


New Delhi

Bharatiya Janata Party former General Secretary and MP Dr. Anil Jain said that only a healthy India can become a strong and capable India in the future. In the budget, the government has made several big announcements for the health sector and has made a provision of Rs. 2.28 lakh crore.

State BJP held a conference with doctors today to discuss the budget 2021-22. It included State Vice President, Ashok Goyal Devraha, Delhi BJP Doctor Cell Convenor, Dr. V K Monga, Doctor Cell Incharge, Dr. Virendra Ruhela, Doctor Cell Co-Incharge, Dr. Anil Goyal, Pradesh Executive Members, Dr. Monika Pant & Harish Gupta including various BJP Delhi doctor cells officials were present.

Anil Jain said that, the budget presented under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi reflects his sensitivity with the citizens of the country. Earlier people were forced to sell their land even to recover their health. Realizing their pain, Narendra Modi government of the Centre brought health insurance of up to five lakhs for 50 crore people under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana. One and a half crore people have benefited from this scheme. He said that, so far in the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there have been changes in the lives of 70 crore people through 115 schemes. This includes poor, labourers, exploited, unemployed, women, children and elderly etc.

Anil Jain said that, during the entire 5-year tenure of any Prime Minister, more than 12 crore people have come out of BPL for the first time. Today, India, which was deprived of facilities, is supplying medicines to 150 countries. Not only this, four million PPE kits are being made every day, which were not made before Corona. Today, India has become the second largest PPE kit exporter in the world. All these things reflect the increasing dominance of India.