Ayub Khan keeps distance with his onscreen daughters



Time and time again we have heard stories of actors trying different methods, tricks to get into the skin of their character. The technique of acting is very important to make the audience believe your character. When an actor is playing a role where he/she is the bad guy they prefer to maintain that image on sets as well to recreate the reality onscreen. Doing so, Ayub Khan who is presently seen in Dangal TV’s new show Ranju ki Betiyaan says he hasn’t established a relationship with his onscreen daughters whom he left when they were small.

Sharing about his techniques, Ayub Khan, says, “I haven’t tried to establish a healthy relationship with my daughters on the sets. My role is that of a father who has abandoned his children. I felt it would be good in regards for my and the girls performance which is why I have really not interacted much with them. I had to do so to maintain the uncomfortable relationship Guddu Mishra and his daughters have and make the scenes feel real. Unfortunately, much to my uncomfortableness and anguish for the time being all the girls – Monika, Roopal, Arushi and Abida are such lovely, amazing and talented souls.”