Pepsico India Launches A New Campaign For Sting


New Delhi

Sting® has unveiled a brand new ‘Energy Bole Toh Sting’ campaign showcasing how the beverage creatively offers a jolt of energy! Electrifying the youth with the energetic campaign, the brand has launched a fun new TVC which is an extension of Sting’s ‘Electrifying energy, ultimate taste” campaign of last year.

The quirky TVC encourages consumers to electrify their moment with the refreshing taste of Sting®. The film showcases a girl in a fix as she looks at an elevator, which has stopped working again.  A boy approaches her and cheekily offers to give her a lift to her floor.  A sip of Sting® was all it took for the electrified boy to race up the stairs with the girl being carried on his back. Impressed by the boy’s energy, the girl ends up giving him her number as the film reiterates the new ‘Energy Bole Toh Sting’ messaging.