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Known for its two decade long legacy, export quality brick manufacturer Jindal Mechno Bricks introduced its range of cladding tiles. Jindal Mechno Bricks is one of the top five  manufacturers of machine-made bricks across India, with over 65 varieties of bricks and tiles today.

The newly launched cladding tiles range is a part of Assorted Thin Brick Collection, which is weatherproof, allows a fast and easy installation during construction and comes with zero maintenance. The cladding tiles come under a diverse set of 3 adverse finishes ( Plain, Textured and Antique ) Plain Finish and Textured Finish comes in 5 colors  ( Beige, Chocolate, Light Brown, Mud and Terracotta ) and Antique Finish comes in 3 colors ( Mud, Terracotta and Beige )  adding a natural and earthy tactile finish to the structure. These tiles are available in 4 sizes 9”x3”x17mm (230x75x17mm), 9”x2”x20mm ( 230x15x17mm), 9”x1.5”x20mm (230x38x18mm), and 6”x1”x20mm (150x25x20mm). Their characteristics are well-suited for multifunctional interiors and exteriors, across many applications- from an office space to a private residence. The company launched these tiles in a brand-new experienced center located in West Delhi.

The collection has been designed for the contemporary buyer who seeks a combination elegance and affordability. These come in a wide array of designs and SKUs across 3 broad finishes. They are easy to handle, customizable and offer high resistance to stains and breakage, as well as other phenomena. This exquisite range has been made with natural raw materials of the highest quality with synergy between the most advanced technology available.The Assorted brick collection is crafted to provide an extraordinary aesthetic appeal giving a luxury finish and aura to any structure.

On the new range of products, Lakshay Jindal Director and CMO, Jindal Mechno Bricks, “The new collection of our Cladding tiles is one of a kind and explores new finishes and dimensions to meet global standard innovation and design. These are durable, and easy to maintain, which complements multiple purposes, and certainly are eye turners, for any given space. It is one of our star selling products, that combines earthiness and luxury in one. Commitment to quality has been our legacy for over three decades, and our new products are a testimony of our philosophy at Jindal”.

The company recently launched its brand-new experience center in West Delhi. This flagship experience center features the Cladding tiles of the Assorted Brick collection, along with many other concepts. Designed by Renesa Architecture Design Interiors, the 700 square feet store will serve as an innovative and creative space where architects and designers ideate together.

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