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Yoga plays a very vital role in everyone’s life. Yoga and related practices are forms of exercise that engage the body and mind of the person. These provide both physical and mental benefits by improving flexibility, balance and posture, and range of motion. Yoga is an effective way to maximize the joy of living in a fit and healthy body. Regular practice of yoga can give you more flexibility, stability and give your body good balance and strength.

Global Yog Alliance starts the best online yoga fitness and yoga therapeutic classes. Hence, if you want to enroll yourself in International Yoga online classes, you can register now for an early bird discount, admissions are commenced – for yoga fitness classes admission are available on 1st and 3rd Monday every month and for yoga therapeutic classes admission are available on 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

We at Global Yog Alliance strictly follows ancient rich traditions, amalgamation of ancient and modern science, high teaching standards, gives personal attention to each student, worldwide standardized syllabus, etc

Global Yog Alliance provides best faculty from all around the globe. President of Global Yog Alliance is Yogshiromani Dr. Gopal Ji, comes from hundreds of years of Yoga lineage. He has a PhD. in Hatha Yoga. He carried many clinical researches under the guidance of the top doctors and scientists. His entire life has been filled with many awards and accolades for various contributions made by him in the field of Yoga.

Commenting on this Yogshiromani Dr. Gopal Ji, Founder President- Global Yog Alliance said, “Yoga touts to have many health benefits both curative and preventive, including stress reduction, more people are trying out yoga as a way to maintain their physical and mental health. We aim at providing the best Yoga training and also wants to be the best in the field of Yoga.”

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